Introducing the Ultimate Football Movie NFL Mock Draft


This was something I sort of concocted during my little hiatus and I thought it would make for a decent little blog series so in a sense this mock draft is a big reason why I decided to fire up the writing machine ahead of schedule. The rules are pretty straightforward. I’m going to break down the entire first round team by team each day until the 2016 NFL Draft actually begins in a month. One team each day, except I might have to double up a day or two because the Draft starts exactly 30 days from now and there’s 32 teams. I’m not a math major but I’ll figure something out. Anyway, draftees are characters from any football related movie that ISN’T based on true events. For example, Rudy Rudiger was a real life football player and thus isn’t eligible. Plus he kind of sucks and no one in their right mind would dream of drafting him in the first round. Plus I think he’s in jail now? Anyway, real life players that portrayed fictional athletes ARE ELIGIBLE ie. Michael Irvin in The Longest Yard, Lawrence Taylor in Any Given Sunday. Draft order is determined by the NFL’s standard 2015 season finish and players will be selected based on team’s needs and their characters ability to translate their game to the modern NFL. Got it? I think you do. With that being said, the Tennessee Titans are on the clock.

The Tennessee Titans are on the clock

The pick is in

“With the first overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans select, Patrick ‘Madman’ Kelly. Offensive tackle, Any Given Sunday.

You don’t go out and drop $250k on a Ferrari if you don’t plan on buying insurance and taking care of the engine. In the same light, you don’t go out and draft your franchise QB then sign DeMarco Murray if you don’t plan on keeping their jerseys clean. The Titans made a significant investment in Marcus Mariota last year and so far, it seems like that investment may pay off as long as they surround him with enough talent on the offensive side of the ball to give Marcus a fighting chance going forward. Kelly will be that anchor on the offensive front that the Titans so desperately need. Pundits have questions Kelly’s attitude and off field persona at times during the interview process, but Kelly’s insane talent in the run blocking game and All Pro pedigree have been enough to ward off any concerns the Titans may have had with the no.1 overall pick. If anything, Kelly’s aggressive attitude and intimidating locker room presence may actually bring the Titans an edge that they need in a very soft AFC South Division. Look for Kelly to be a 10+ year starter in the league at the left tackle position with a perennial Pro Bowl ceiling.

Strengths: Physical specimen, great footwork in the run game, leadership, nose for the game.

Weaknesses: Off field concerns.

Player Comparison: Richie Incognito

Best Case Scenario: Bryant McKinnie

Worst Case Scenario: Robert Gallery


Tomorrow the Cleveland Browns are on the clock. Stay tuned…

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