I’m Starting To Become a Little Concerned For Our Friend Joey Votto

happy joey

Just yesterday I praised our own Joey Votto for doing some sort of ritualistic meditation/sexual innuendo at the plate this spring, but the more and more I think about it, the more I’m actually starting to become little worried about Joey. Take a look at this shit:

At this point in Spring Training, most big time vets are busy banging their personal masseuses and spending more time in bars than on the diamond in an effort to enjoy the last bit of free time they have for the next six months, but JV is out here acting like these meaningless spring games are the last he’ll ever play. I legitimately think he believes that each one of these final few spring games is really game 7 of the World Series. Is Joey starting to lose his mind again? Is he going to miss half the season on the DL for some sort of undisclosed medical reason? Are we going to have to fight off the gay rumors again (not that there’s anything wrong with that)? All I know is that if I was an MLB umpire I’d get in line and do whatever it takes to stay on Joey Votto’s good side this season. At this rate he’s going to snap and kill one of those Blue’s with his bare hands by the time June rolls around.

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