The Ultimate Football Movie NFL Mock Draft, Round 1, Pick 4: Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are on the clock…

Somewhere in a dimly lit bunker, Jerry Jones is pacing back and fourth, 30 year old glass of scotch in hand. As the draft clock winds down, a decision needs to be made. Do the Boys go with the sexy QB pick to eventually replace Tony Romo? Do they continue to bolster that O-Line as they’ve done the past several years? No one knows and only Jerry holds the draft card. The interns are cowering underneath a table and poor Jason Garrett is chained to a desk in Jerry’s office. All Jerry’s son-in-law wanted to do was fulfill those lifelong dreams of working for a professional sports franchise. Signing players, rubbing elbows with league owners, but all he’ll being doing this evening is cleaning the blood off Jerry’s glasses if this pick goes south

The pick is in

“With the fourth overall pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select Luther ‘Shark’ Lavay, LB/DE, Any Given Sunday.”

Deep down, Jerry really, and I meany REALLY wanted to live up to his larger than life persona and take one of the many QB’s that are still available in this draft. Tony Romo is only about one or two real big hits away from dying out on the gridiron and Lavay’s former teammate has the flair and Bravado to match Jerry’s flamboyant personality down there in Big D, but cooler heads prevailed and Cowboys organization decided to go with the safe pick and draft a guy who fits a team need that can also step in and make an impact right away. The Greg Hardy experiment has failed shockingly enough and last year’s big defensive draft acquisition, Randy Gregory, has been suspended for the first four games of the season. The Boys need someone to provide some pressure off the edge and make plays in the backfield right away, and Shark is more than capable of doing that from day one of camp. A natural pass rusher, Shark will wreak havoc on opposing QB’s for years to come despite concussion issues and rumored drug use.

Player Comparison: James Harrison

Best Case Scenario: Terrell Suggs

Worst Case Scenario: David Pollack

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