One Down, 161 More To Go

opening day.PNG

It remains to be seen how many teams there are around the league that the Reds can handle on a consistent basis, but I think the Fightin’ Phils might be one of those teams. No real starting pitching, no bullpen? No problem. My guy Raisel more than held his own for the majority of the game and the bullpen showed up and tossed three scoreless en route to a 6-2 win. Not sure how many times we’ll be able to say that, but so far the Reds look like they might actually resemble something close to a real Major League Baseball team this season.

Lots of bright spots to talk about less than 24 hours into the 2016 campaign. First and foremost, how about Zack Cozart going 3-3 in his first game back from that devastating knee injury? The Reds have been searching for a true leadoff man for seemingly about as long as I’ve been alive, and if Zack keeps up this whole professional hitting thing, we might have found our guy.

Crazy Joey decided to finally show up today after three miserable strikeouts to start the game. The other day I talked about how I trust Joey Votto no matter what and that 2 RBI single that blew the game open is example 1 and 1a why Joey is one of the best offensive players in the game right now.

Lastly, hats off to the late inning defense. Everyone knows the bullpen is going to be a huge question mark this year, so what’s the best way to pick up the team and try to preserve a late inning lead? How about this

and this

I don’t mean to sound like everyone else on the Internet right now, but how about the range Billy showed on that catch in center? Not to sound like a broken record or anything, but I legitimately think there isn’t another CF in the game that can make that catch. Most guys just let that ball bounce and concede whatever happens next, but that kind of speed is why you can’t give up on a guy like Billy, .250 on base percentage be damned.

One down, 161 more to go. 2016 Cincinnati Reds, wire to wire World Series champs.


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