The Ultimate Football Movie NFL Mock Draft, Round 1, Pick 6: Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are on the clock…

Poor John Harbaugh. All he wants to do is cash in on a top ten draft pick and try to put the Ravens back in contention in the AFC North, and while those precious seconds tick away off the draft clock in Chicago, John is busy wrestling in the war room with his shirtless brother Jim while Papa Jack just sits in the corner and laughs.


The pick is in

“With the sixth overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens select, Earl Megget (Nelly) RB, The Longest Yard.”

WHOA! Look at Baltimore reaching for a surprise pick early. Everyone knows that it’s more or less taboo to take a running back in the first round of today’s NFL Draft, but if a team thinks that a rookie running back can step in and make a significant impact immediately, then who are we to say they shouldn’t pull the trigger? Two seasons ago Justin Forsett had a decent little season filling in for the ostracized Ray Rice, but last year Forsett’s production saw a drastic decline, prompting the Ravens to bring in former draft bust Turd Richardson. On paper, the Ravens have a dual RB tandem that should prove serviceable for the 2016 campaign, but if the AFC North has taught us anything, you need a versatile, three down RB that has the ability to make plays between the tackles and out of the backfield in the passing game. Megget’s skill set should allow him to do that better than any of the other RB’s available in this year’s draft class. Any Given Sunday’s Julian Washington and Varsity Blues Wendell Brown are bigger, more powerful runners, but Baltimore is looking for more of a dual threat guy a la Cincinnati’s Gio Bernard or Pittsburgh’s  LeVeon Bell. It’s been a long and turbulent offseason for the Ravens and that organization has a lot of holes to fill before they can consider themselves back in contention in the AFC North, but the Ravens could have done a lot worse here than surrounding the #Elite Joe Flacco with some more offensive talent.

Player Comparison: Giovanni Bernard

Best Case Scenario: Warrick Dunn

Worst Case Scenario: Chris Perry

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