The Ultimate Football Movie NFL Mock Draft, Round 1, Pick 7: San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49er’s are on the clock…

Rumblings out west are that the Niners are heavily considering drafting a QB with their first pick. Let’s see how Colin Kaepernick feels about the situation

Can’t hear the haters.

The pick is in

“With the seventh overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49er’s select, Ronnie ‘Sunshine’ Bass, quarterback, Remember the Titans.”

The 49ers fall from grace has been one of the biggest and most tragic landslides in recent memory. Just a few years ago, the Niners were arguably the best team in the NFC and Colin Kaepernick was blossoming into one of the League’s biggest stars right before our very eyes. Now, the Niners entire organization appears to be in complete dissaray and Kaep looks a whole lot more like Dan Orlovsky than Dan Marino. This team needs a lot of help in more ways than one, but perhaps the biggest question this once prestigious organization faces moving forward is who is going to be calling plays under center. It’s no secret that Colin Kaepernick has regressed significantly and wants no part of Frisco’s future plans, so the Niners took matters into their own hands and drafted a local kid with a ton of upside to fill the void of the soon to be departed Kaepernick. Once an unheralded prospect, Bass wowed scouts with his cannon arm, impressive size, and ability to run a pro style offense (none of that triple option bullshit), something that appears to have gotten away from the much maligned Kaepernick. Let’s face it, you can’t win games in the NFL without a quarterback, and while many impressive arms were still available with the seventh pick, San Fran opted to go with the hometown kid whose prototypical dropback style of play and laid back, Cali brah attitude should be a refreshing change of pace and resonate well with the hometown crowd.

Player Comparison: Matt Stafford

Best Case Scenario: Tom Brady

Worst Case Scenario: Mark Sanchez


PLOT TWIST: Ronnie Bass and Blaine Gabbert might actually be the same person.



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